Modify Board and CPU Info in Android-x86

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In this post I’ll introduce how to make your Android-x86 more like a real device by changing its board and CPU configurations. I’ll use the configurations of Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra as example.

1) Modify the device information part of init_misc at device/generic/common/ to the following.

  setprop ro.product.manufacturer "samsung"
  setprop ro.product.model "SM-G988N"
  setprop ro.serialno "15c4e1ebc491"

2) Modify the on fs part at device/generic/common/init_x86.rc to mount_all /fstab.android_x86_64.

3) Modify the export_kernel_boot_props at system/core/init/init.cpp by changing ro.hardware’s value to exynos8895.

4) Modify ${ro.hardware} to android_x86_64 at bootable/recovery/etc/init.rc.

5) Make the same modification to system/core/rootdir/init.rc.

6) Modify the following parameters at build/tools/

  echo "ro.product.model=SM-G988N"
  echo "ro.product.brand=samsung"
  echo ""
  echo "ro.product.device=z3q"

7) Modify build/tools/ to the following.

  echo "# begin build properties"
  echo "# autogenerated by"
  echo "ro.product.board=SM-G988N"
  echo "ro.board.platform=exynos9"
  echo "ro.product.vendor.manufacturer=samsung"
  echo "ro.product.vendor.model=SM-G988N"
  echo "ro.product.vendor.brand=samsung"
  echo ""
  echo "ro.product.vendor.device=SM-G988N"
  echo "# end build properties"