This is Hao Lin, a 5th-year PhD student working with Prof. Zhenhua Li at School of Software, Tsinghua University. I also spent a short yet wonderful time with Prof. Tianyin Xu at UIUC. My wish is to do hardcore and beautiful system research. My current interests mainly cover mobile operating systems and virtualization systems. If you are interested in my research projects, please check them out below. Also, I (randomly) write some tech blogs to document my experiences. Hope they'll benefit you as well!

Recent and Selected Publications (Full List)

MobiCom'23 Virtual Device Farms for Mobile App Testing at Scale: A Pursuit for Fidelity, Efficiency, and Accessibility Highlight Article by SIGMOBILE Mobile Computing and Communications Review (GetMobile)
Hao Lin, Jiaxing Qiu, Hongyi Wang, Zhenhua Li, Liangyi Gong, Di Gao, Yunhao Liu, Feng Qian, Zhao Zhang, Ping Yang, Tianyin Xu

SIGCOMM'22 Mobile Access Bandwidth in Practice: Measurement, Analysis, and Implications
Xinlei Yang, Hao Lin, Zhenhua Li, Feng Qian, Xingyao Li, Zhiming He, Xudong Wu, Xianlong Wang, Yunhao Liu, Zhi Liao, Daqiang Hu, Tianyin Xu

OSDI'22 Trinity: High-Performance Mobile Emulation through Graphics Projection
Di Gao, Hao Lin, Zhenhua Li, Chengen Huang, Yunhao Liu, Feng Qian, Liangyi Gong, and Tianyin Xu

SIGCOMM'21 A Nationwide Study on Cellular Reliability: Measurement, Analysis, and Enhancements Best Student Paper
Yang Li, Hao Lin, Zhenhua Li, Yunhao Liu, Feng Qian, Liangyi Gong, Xianlong Xin, and Tianyin Xu

MobiCom'20 Experience: Aging or Glitching? Why Does Android Stop Responding and What Can We Do About It?
Mingliang Li, Hao Lin, Cai Liu, Zhenhua Li, Feng Qian, Yunhao Liu, Nian Sun, and Tianyin Xu